Real-Time Data Collection and Analytics

For more than 12 years, Qualitick has provided only real-time point-of-care surveying and other data collection methods like electronic rounding, patient call-backs, safety checks, environmental rounds, employee surveys. In our experience it’s the only method which has consistently proved to help medical leaders attain high response rates with data accuracy, and real-time analytics with robust reporting to help them gain better insight and improve their national scores. The critical attributes to achieving this include:

High Response Rates

In our experience, patients are more likely to partake in satisfaction surveys while they are at your facility, often 10, 20, and 30 times more than traditional methods. They are a captive audience, and, therefore, become more engaged when approached to complete a survey while on-site. Once they leave the facility, the probability they complete a survey falls dramatically, often as low as (or below) 1%.

True Real-Time

The Qualitick program is true real-time, i.e., surveys conducted at the point-of-care. That means you get real-time early warning alerts via email and/or SMS text, as well as access to our industry leading reporting dashboards and push reports.

Improved Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is directly proportional to response rates, and because the Qualitick program yields high response rates, you have the confidence that reporting is accurate.

Cost-Effective & Sustainable

The Qualitick program is an extremely cost-effective program when compared to other modes of surveying and electronic rounding. Additionally, it’s sustainable because it can be employed 24/7 in all medical areas without performance drop-offs in response rates and reporting accuracy.

Superior Reporting

Robust Reporting

The Qualitick real-time reporting is industry leading and provides medical leaders early warning alerts via email and/or SMS text, an in-depth dashboard for on-demand reporting and real-time analysis, individual real-time provider/nurse portals, and email push reporting capabilities to receive critical reports at your convenience.

Tablets are Provided, Supported, Tracked, and Warrantied

Qualitick provides you surveying tablets as part of the program; we also remotely support, GPS track, and warranty the hardware. This means easy setup, and puts a lot less strain on your IT team to procure and support surveying hardware.

Dedicated Concierge Account Management

All Qualitick clients are assigned concierge account managers to support them with all their collection and reporting needs. No more calling random, non-responsive people at call centers for support. With Qualitick, you get real people, with direct phone numbers and email, who are responsive to your needs.